Virus Removal

Yes. A Mac can also be infected and we can clean it if it is.

Hard drive or ssd replacemenT

Having issues with the internal drive?

water damage

Spilt Coffee on the Mac? We can help!

cracked screen

Does your Mac screen look like this?

fans not working

Is the Mac getting very hot and cutting out?

Keyboard problems

Some keys not working?

Battery Issues

Is your Battery not lasting long?

MacBook Not charging?

Does the light stay off when you plug a charger?

Ports not working

Any issues with the USB and other ports?

RAM and SSD upgrades

Need more power and storage?

Password Removal

Forgotten your Mac Password? We can reset it and keep your Data.

Data Recovery

Is your Mac beyond repair? Chances are we can recover the Data

Mac OS crashing or Not Loading?

Got an issue with Mac OS ?


No sound when playing music? We can fix it.

Any Other Issue?

If you have any other problem not listed here, feel free to contact us.


We can repair your Mac.

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